Aviation Department

Bob Bogardus: Lead Steward 

Abe Arvizu: Chief Steward

James McKenna: Chief Steward 

Frank Munoz: Chief Steward 

Antoinette Arredondo: Site Steward

Joel Miller Site: Steward

Fred German: Site Steward

Jeff Grachus: Site Steward

Water Department

Robert Ayala: Lead Steward

Dolores Henderson: Lead Steward

Billy Aguirre: Chief Steward

Mike Daley: Chief Steward

Mario Ayala: Site Steward 

Fermon Brown: Site Steward

John Cannon: Site Steward

Jeff Chandler: Site Steward

Nick Garcia: Site Steward

Angel Quesada: Site Steward

Patrick Doran: Site Steward

Jeff Jones: Site Steward

Aaron Blake: Site Steward

Henry Herrera: Site Steward

Public Works

Joe Garcia: Lead Steward 

Bill Cusimano: Lead Steward 

William Bakehouse: Chief Steward 

Jack Knight: Site Steward

Fiore Giuseppe: Site Steward 

Cecil Kaye: Site Steward

Convention Center

Rudy Leyva: Lead Steward

Streets Department


Contact Us

Cant find a steward in your area or you would like to explore being a shop steward for your area give us a call at the Union Hall.