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On July 1, 2017, year two of the MOU agreement between AFSCME 2384 and the City of Phoenix, the economic value of the concessions being restored will equal 1.0%.  1. The remaining 16 hours of unpaid holiday are now restored. No more unpaid holidays  2. Restoration of overtime pay for the 12 Hour Rule.  3. A restoration of .54% in the deferred Compensation Plan raising it to a total 2.19%.        

As of July 1, 2017 as part of our concessions, we have gained back the 12 Hour Rule. This rule states that if an employee has to return back to work and has not received 12 consecutive hours of rest, the employee will be compensated.  In addition, when an employee is assigned and works two (2) eight (8) hour shifts, and/or two (2) ten (10) hour shifts, or any combination of the two shifts, the second of which commences less than twelve (12) hours after the regularly scheduled conclusion of the first, that amount of time falling within said twelve (12) hour period is deemed overtime for purposes of Section 3-2 D.  However, that such twelve (12) hour rule does not apply to regular shift change situations, relief positions, and positions in the classification of Auditorium Worker at the Civic Plaza. The twelve (12) hour rule also does not apply if an employee works less than a full shift either before or after his/her regular shift. 



Have you checked your files lately? You might be surprised by what you find.  Medical information, expired supervisory counseling memos, documentation of situations you never knew occurred, these are just a few examples from this month. Everyone should take a few minutes to review their Department and Supervisor files annually to ensure that only appropriate documents are present.  Call us, an AFSCME representative will gladly explain the process.  

Remember in Section 4-2, when a unit member works overtime of two (2) hours or more in addition to their work shift, they are entitled to an additional fifteen (15) minute break. Every additional two (2) hours of overtime will entitle an employee to an additional fifteen (15) minute break.

After four (4) consecutive hours of overtime, a unit member shall be entitled to a paid meal break of thirty (30) minutes, but in no event shall a unit member be entitled to more than one such break for every eight (8) consecutive hours of overtime.

In Section 3-5 of our MOU - Shift Differential Pay, unit members shall receive ninety cents ($0.90) per hour in addition to their regular rate of pay when working a night shift which ends at or after 9:00 p.m., and before midnight, and one dollar and twenty five cents ($1.25) per hour in addition to their regular rate of pay when working a night shift which includes work during the period after midnight to 4:00 a.m.

Members shall receive shift premium pay for only hours scheduled and worked, not while on paid leave.

We have been receiving calls about the differential pay and how it should be paid out. If you believe you have not been paid correctly, please contact the Hall.


Are you eligible for PEHP? If so, you should have received a letter from Nationwide about recent changes to the PEHP investment options. These changes bring you a more diverse fund line-up at a lower cost. If you would like to learn more about these new options and what they mean to you, please visit the City’s Deferred Compensation Plan website at

Welcome Our New Members

 Aldon Jago - WSD

John Pisarki - Aviation 

Jose Rodriguez - Public Works 

Michael Hutchinson - Streets 

Israel Chavez - WSD 

Nikolas Hopson - WSD 

Shawn McMahon -  Aviation    

$25 recruitment incentive for Signing Up New Members.  

Our Stewards

Welcome our New Site Steward  Olie Carvajal from WSD.

Union Stewards, we are updating our database. If you have any recent changes, ensure that we have the most current information for you by contacting the Hall with any updates.  

We are looking to fill Steward positions across Unit II. If interested, please call the Hall to get the process started.   

We are in the process of planning a stewards workshop here at the hall. More to come.

Good & Welfare

 Our prayers are with the family of AFSCME Sister, Veronica Goyer, who recently passed away. Veronica was a Auto Parts Clerk for the Aviation Department.

  Our Prayers are with our Sister, Antoinette Arredondo, as she mourns the loss of her son and with our Brother, Javier Rojas, as he mourns the loss of his mother.

Brother Henry Herrera’s father has undergone heart surgery, we wish him a speedy recovery.     

Exclusive Online Savings

Golfland Sunsplash is offering an exclusive discount to all AFSCME members Admission, Season passes, Mini golf, Laser tag, Race car ride. All tickets must be purchased online   Enter Store Name  AFSCME        

For Your Info

Report Pot Holes 602-262-6441 

Report Water Leaks 602-261-8000      

Congratulations Retirees

Michael Lagunas - Streets 

Ed Fresquez - Streets 

Paublita Rios - Aviation    


What should I do if I get a Notice of Inquiry (NOI)?  If you receive an NOI, contact your Site Steward or call the Hall immediately.   Do not submit a response without first contacting your Site Steward or the Hall. We are here to assist you in writing your response and make sure you receive all the rights you deserve.        

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